Client: Valosun
Additional Credits: Massmedia Inc, Boston, MA
I was hired on by advertising company, Massmedia, to revamp the existing retail packaging of Valosun’s Biopron probiotic line as they launched their products in the United States. The family of products consisted of 3 probiotic 60-packs and 4-probiotic 30 packs. Biopron needed an update that would appeal to the modern US aesthetic and would pop on pharmacy shelves alongside dozens of similar products. Alongside Valosun, we created a clean, bright, medicinal design that customers could have confidence in. As with other supplements, Valosun’s appeal is based on scientific facts, so we presented the facts in easy to digest bullet points for the customer. Our final packages kept a consistent look across products that were differentiated by color and product logos but would stand out from other, more established, U.S. probiotic brands.
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