Non-Profit Website Redesign
Dated and difficult to navigate website becomes free-flowing modern and educational tool
The team at VDC had many challenges facing them with their existing website. Not only was it out-of-date and unresponsive, but their homepage was extremely long and complex, with a lot of helpful information that was difficult to find.
I was confident that non-profit donations would increase substantially by 1) Making their donation page more accessible for the user and by 2) Moving all CTA’s higher on the page—requiring the user to do less scrolling. Keeping the homepage simple was the key, which meant that we had to cut a lot of information from the homepage. Some information was completely axed, some was simply placed on other pages, and the rest needed to be communicated in a more intelligent manner that made better use of the real estate. The end concept was a modern and intelligent website that was easy to navigate.
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